Course Unit Profile

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Basic Information

Course Unit Title: ICT RISK ANALYSIS

Course Unit Code: 416AA

Level of course unit

Degree Program in Business Informatics

Year of study

Semester when the course is delivered

Second semester

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Name of Lecturer(s):

Prof.: Fabrizio Baiardi

Language of instruction


General Information

Learning outcomes

Discover vulnerabilities of ICT system
Discover the elementary attacks enabled by these vulnerabilities
Run a Penetration Test
Evaluate and Manage the risk of ICT system through the impact on the business process of interest
Design and deploy countermeasures to manage the risk
Run a Security Assessment of ICT systems

Course contents

The basic notions to evaluate and improve the security of any ICT system:
Threat, threat model, vulnerability, attack, complex attack, countermeasure, risk, risk assessment
Resiliency, robustness, cost effectiveness
Differences between safety and reliability.
Peculiarities of security of ICT systems
Cloud Computing: definition and enabling technologies
Security Problems of Cloud Computing
Challenging Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Specific Information

Prerequisites, co-requisites, as a prerequisite for further study





Prerequisite for


Further Information

A good knowledge of basic os and network technologies is required

Mode of delivery


face to face



Teaching methods

Learning activities

Recommended or required reading

Teacher notes, suggested papers

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods

Assessment criteria

The assessment aims to accertate if the learning outcomes have been achieved by studying and presenting some literature of interest

Work placement


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