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Basic Information


Course Unit Code: 096PP

Level of course unit

First Cycle Degree Programme in Business Economics

Year of study

Second year

Semester when the course is delivered

Second semester

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Name of Lecturer(s):

Prof.: Marco Giannini

Language of instruction


General Information

Learning outcomes

The student who successfully completes the course will have the ability to demonstrate a solid knowledge of what is organization and the main issues related to it. He or she will be aware of organization's role in the environmental, strategic and technological dynamics. Lastly, he or she will be able to demonstrate advances knowledge in organizational design, the ability to establish relationships with other organization, identify organizational solutions and to follow the evolution of ICT in production processes.

Course contents

The organizations in the current competitive scenario, evolution of organizational thinking, relations between strategies and organizational design, types of organizational solutions and related lineages.
Critical nature of the relationship between business and environment,development of inter-organizational relations.
Role of the variable technology in production processes and service delivery, evolution of ICT
The relationship between size and organization
Control processes
Organizational culture and ethics.

Specific Information

Prerequisites, co-requisites, as a prerequisite for further study





Prerequisite for


Mode of delivery


face to face



Teaching methods

Learning activities

Recommended or required reading

Recommended reading includes the following books:
Daft RL (2013), Organizzazione Aziendale, 5ed., Apogeo, Milano (trad. IT).
Daft RL (2012), Organization Theory and Design, 11ed., South-Western Cengage Learing, Mason, OH.

Further bibliography will be indicated.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods

Further information

The final written exam is obligatory and it's passed when the student has a score of 16. If the student has a score of 18 or over 18, he or she may accept the grade. But if the score is between 16-18 he or she must take the oral exam.

Assessment criteria

- The student's ability to explain correctly the main topics presented during the course at the board will be assessed. - In the written exam (2 hours, 18 quiz and 5 essay questions), the student must demonstrate his/her knowledge of the course material and to organise an effective and correctly written reply.

Work placement


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