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Basic Information


Course Unit Code: 279II

Level of course unit

Second Cycle (Laurea magistrale) Degree Programme in Robotics and Automation Engineering

Year of study

First year

Semester when the course is delivered

First semester

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Name of Lecturer(s):

Prof.: Sergio Saponara

Language of instruction


General Information

Learning outcomes

The student who successfully completes the course will have the ability to design
- electronic control systems (Hardware and Software) for industrial automation
- mechatronic systems and switching drivers for power actuation
- Analog, digital an mixed-signal controllers
- analysis of innovative systems for control engineering applied to turbo-machinery, avionic, railway, domotic and automotive fields
The student after the course will be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of electronic systems and will acquire the required language and know-how to be part of R&D team in multinational companies active in the field of industrial automation and robotics

Course contents

Hardware-Software Architecture of SISO and MIMO control systems
Analysis of characteristics and design of interfaces/drivers for smart transducers (sensor/actuators)
Analog and digital ECU
Single-chip and embedded electronic control platforms (base on Microcontroller, GPP, FPGA, DSP)
Power electronics and switching converters (DC-DC, inverter)
Controller Area Networks
Analysis of innovative electronic control systems applied to turbo-machinery, avionic, railway, domotic and automotive fields

Specific Information

Prerequisites, co-requisites, as a prerequisite for further study





Prerequisite for


Mode of delivery


face to face



Teaching methods

Learning activities

Recommended or required reading

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods

Further information

Exam: 50% based on a report of the assigned laboratory project + 50% oral exam on the contents of the course and on the contents of the project report

Assessment criteria

The student will be assessed on his/her demonstrated ability to discuss the main course contents using the appropriate terminology. During the oral exam the student must be able to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the course material and be able to discuss the reading matter thoughtfully and with propriety of expression. The student's ability to explain correctly the main topics presented during the course at the board will be assessed. In the project report the student must demonstrate his/her ability to solve practical problems, with the help of CAD tools, in the field of electronic control systems. The project report is discussed during the exam With the oral presentation, to be made to the teacher and the other students, the student must demonstrate the ability to approach a circumscribed research problem, and organize an effective exposition of the results.

Work placement



Contacts with industries (SME and big companies) possible at the end of the course

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