Course Unit Profile

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Basic Information

Course Unit Title: NUCLEAR PLANTS II

Course Unit Code: 416II

Level of course unit

Second Cycle (Laurea magistrale) Degree Programme in Nuclear Engineering

Year of study

Fifth year

Semester when the course is delivered

First semester

Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Name of Lecturer(s):

Prof.: Giuseppe Forasassi

Language of instruction

Italian/English according to the attendees language

General Information

Learning outcomes

The student who successfully complete the course will be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the main types of present and future Nuclear Plants (NP) related in particular to the characteristics and features of interest for their esploitation in order to contribute to solve the world energy needs taking into account principally of the energy availability, economics, safety, non proliferation resistance, environmental acceptability aspects.
Moreover the student shall be able to show competence and ability to discuss indipendently the mentioned aspects in comparison to the correspondent ones which characterize the so called renewable energy sources actually considered as possible substitutes of the fossile ones, expecially from the conceptual and practical application point of views

Course contents

The course supply the students with the presentation of the most important concepts related to the design, construction and operation of the main types of NP through the critical analysis of their principal features related mainly to:
1) Design phases organization and types of systems/components as well as most proper materials selection,
2) General design criteria related to the safety, reliability and economics of NP,
3) Classification of systems, components, normal and accident load conditions, related quality assurance criteria and categories, necessary documentation in relation to the main requirements of the National and international Rules/standards,
4) Design and operation characteristics of LWRs (BWRs and PWRs), HWRs, Gas and HTGRs, LMFRs of the III, III+ and IV Generations, etc.
5) Critical analysis and discussion of the main features of the selected design aspects of thee considered previously mentioned NR types with particular reference to the common safety and environmental protection characteristics.

Specific Information

Prerequisites, co-requisites, as a prerequisite for further study


For this course the prerequisite/s is/are



Prerequisite for


Mode of delivery


face to face



Teaching methods

Learning activities

Recommended or required reading

Recommended reading and reference tests include: Glasstone S., Sesonke A. "Nuclear reactors Engineering", Guerrini B., Paci S. "Lezioni di Impianti Nucleari (Nuclear Plants Lectures)" 2000, Lombardi C. "Impianti Nucleari" 2009.
Further bibliography will be indicated by the Lecturer.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment methods

Assessment criteria

The student will be assessed on his/her demonstrated ability to discuss the main course contents using the appropriate terminology. - During the oral examination the student must be able to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the course material and be able to discuss the matter thoughtfully and with propriety of expression. - The student's ability to explain correctly the main topics presented during the course, especially the concepts on which the NP problematics are based, will be assessed. - During the examination the student must demonstrate his/her knowledge of the course material and to organise an effective and correctly written reply. - With the oral presentation, to be made to the teacher and the possible attendance, the student must demonstrate the ability to approach a specific technical problem related to the course content.

Work placement


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